Eeve Store

eeve Store

The first artificial intelligence solution applied to online sales.

A simplified sale experience, tanks to a dynamic platform which enables you to create a digital catalog of the products accessible
from a virtual assistant that can be installed on your website.
The customers will be able to interact with the virtual assistant in the chat through text or voice messages.

The virtual assistant will guide the user throughout the entire shopping journey, from choosing the most suitable product, to checkout. Buy understanding the users and interacting with them in natural language.
The virtual assistant will also show the available products according to your search filters.

How it works.

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Custom search

It understands natural language and shows the available products according to your search.

Easing inventory managment

Through an easy-to use panel it updates the catalogs, managing the stocks in a few simple steps.

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Completed order managment

Trace the status of your order and manage it during the entire shopping journey, from the placing to the processing phase.

Completely reliable

Each eeve Store is constantly monitored to ensure the highest security and reliability standards.

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eeve Store provides detailed and easy-to read reports to help you boost your business.


eeve Store ha everything you need: coupons, gift cars, inventory management and delivery tools.

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Shopping journey.

The virtual assistant will guide you from the selection stage up to checkout.

The users will interact with a virtual assistant which is able to understand both written and spoken natural language and show the available products in store, filtered according to their tastes. The type of product, color and its size are just of the criteria which eeve Store uses in order to arrange and make the catalog of products easy to use.