Don’t ask ‘what it can do’,
now the only limit is your imagination.

One technology, infinite applications.

As a key of development for small and large companies,
eeve’s applications are potentially infinite and they have
already been proven to give rise to tangible results.

Multichannel activation.

eeve can be quickly activated on different communication channels of public and private administration bodies and companies, to proactively interact with their users. These channels can be both textual or vocal, from the chats on web pages, Facebook pages, to the e-mails, phone calls and avatars, up to CRM.

Tools for every need.

Depending on the users’ requests, eeve provides the appropriate response through different integrated tools, such as customer care information tools, payment and product delivery services, e-commerce, booking management, calendars as well as CRM, and all of them are, of course, supported by eeve‘s artificial intelligence.

Interactions through dialog.

eeve allows for dialogic interactions with the users, which are in turn based on natural language. Through the application of innovative semantic algorithms, both customers and businesses can enrich the eeve’s shared knowledge base with new concepts, so that all the users can benefit from it.

Understands you.

eeve understands what the user wants to communicate and their intentions regardless of the words used and is able to return the most relevant output.
In addition, if the user needs to communicate directly with a human operator, through the “handoff” tool, eeve is able to pass the conversation to a physical person, who will be alerted and can take over the dialogue.

Talks to you.

The user can communicate with eeve through the method that is most congenial to him/her:
typing or talking to the chat (taxt/voice chat)
talking on the phone
 talking and interacting with the avatar
Chat, phone and avatar represent the communication channels between the user and eeve and each of them guarantees the same functionalities and the same level of service.

Watches you.

The Avatar, connected to eeve’s neural network, is installable on websites, totems and downloadable via app. It allows to interact with users through the desired voice and human likeness in a proactive and personalized way based on business objectives, so that customers can live a vivid and multisensory experience.

Feels you.

eeve is able to convey users who interact with it within conversational flows in which it collects their personal data or data of interest to the company.These data converge within a profiled database available to the company, which then will have a market analysis of its customers always updated and can use them for subsequent marketing actions.

Knows what you want.

Thanks to eeve Delivery, the relationship between companies wishing to offer their products with home delivery or take away and their users is disintermediated, as orders will be placed directly on the company’s website or social networks.
With Intelligence Search, the user will be able to dialogue with his AI Virtual Personal Shopper inside the e-commerce, who will recommend the best products based on his requests, making the purchasing process finally active and dynamic.