AI for better customer relationship

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How it works.

eeve is an integrated artificial intelligence platform created and developed by eeve Corp. The proprietary algorithm is based on a neural network with a graph structure that serves both as an intelligence engine and knowledge base, making the product a groundbreaking
solution internationally.

It’s different.

Proprietary technology

eeve is a proprietary Artificial Intelligence technology with graph structure developed in-house and winner of several international awards.

Shared Knowledge Base

eeve over the years has been trained with millions of concepts that form a knowledge base that can be customized and that is shared with all client companies and users.

A self-learning AI model

eeve is able to improve its performance thanks to the interactions with the users, through which it learns new concepts that become part of its shared knowledge base.

It’s very skilled.

profile your customer Eeve AI

your customers

eeve collects the released data of users who interact, profiles them and creates a database available to the company.

Active 24/7 Eeve AI

It’s active

Opening hours or time zone will no longer be a problem, eeve is always active and able to respond immediately.

speaks 300 languages AI

300 languages

eeve talks to users in their native language automatically, thus breaking down language barriers.

Natural languages dialogues Eeve AI

Natural language

The user can interact using natural language, eeve will understand the concept expressed and will respond in a relevant way.

Multiple conversations Eeve AI


eeve handles a number of simultaneous, multichannel conversations, i.e. coming from site and social chat, phone and avatar.


Through powerful Conversational Flows, designed to maximize contacts and to manage reservations, eeve Interaction is able to actively converse with users, asking them the right questions to help you achieve your goal. eeve Interaction includes: database creation, creation of Conversational Flows, Training concepts (related to your industry sector). Available on FacebookMessenger, Facebook Messenger Web Plugin and Web Chat.

The eeve Delivery platform allows you to create a digital catalog of the available products, accessible from the virtual assistant installed on your website and Facebook page. Users can choose a product, the day and time of delivery and they can pay either by credit card or when they pick the product up at the shop. The virtual assistant displays the products inserted by the merchant on the eeve Delivery platform and gives the opportunity to customize the distance within which the home delivery service is provided and its cost.

eeve Store is the first Artificial Intelligence solution applied to online sales through which you can sell your products without traditional e-commerce. eeve Store is designed to make the sales experience easier through the use of a dynamic and versatile platform that allows you to create a digital catalog of the available products, accessible from the virtual assistant installed on your website and Facebook page.