Eeve Interaction

eeve Interaction

Engaging your customers and profiling service requests.

eeve interaction is the intelligent virtual assistant which converses with the customers in any language 24 hours a day.
eeve constantly learns and it is able to interact with the users by answering their questions related to your retail sector.
It is also able to engage them in order to profile their data and service requests.

How it works.

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Available 24h/24

eeve Interaction is available for the customers 24h/24, 7 days a week, and it can handle several conversations on different channels.

Ready to use

eeve interaction can be installed on your website with a few clicks. This is possible through a simple integration process.

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eeve interaction replies in any language, giving you the opportunity to personalize the answers in the language required.

Voice assistance

eeve Interaction converses with the customers and uses natural language voice interaction through a dedicated phone number.

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Specialized in 6 categories.

eeve is specialized in your sector.

The system has already been trained with thousands of conversations.

Analyzing the language.


Its ability of understanding is not based on single words but on concepts.

eeve Interaction interprets the context of a question and process the most appropriate answer according to the information received from the language and context analysis, no matter what words are used.

What it can do.

Provide information

Caring for the user, providing accurate and personalised information based on company information in real time, in more than 100 different languages, and managing endless text and voice conversations across web, app and social.

Acquire leads

Proactively engage users by encouraging them to interact and take actions of interest based on your business goals. Profiles the user’s data, which form a database that is always available to the company.

Manage booking

Manages appointment, visit and room bookings. It can manage several calendars at the same time, making available only the permitted time slots, and can be integrated with booking engines and internal company systems.

Manage payments

The user can make payments for the purchase of goods or services directly within the chat, thanks to the connection with the major payment gateways and without the need for an e-commerce.