Eeve Delivery

eeve Delivery

Manage your orders, deliveries and booking in a completely automatic way.

eeve is an integrated artificial intelligence platform created and developed by eeve Corp. The proprietary algorithm is based on a neural network with a graph structure that serves both as an intelligence engine and knowledge base, making the product a groundbreaking solution internationally.

How it works.

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Upload your product

Create tailored list of the products and services according to their categories, product variants and minimum purchase.

Home delivery

Manage and personalize your deliveries in a completely automatic way, by setting the expected delivery time, costs and the service areas. Choose the payment methods.

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Takeaway orders

Organize the requests for takeaway by setting the pickup time and the availability of the products. Personalize your customers’ database.

Order and pay from the tablet

Your customers will be able to view the menu, order and pay from the comfort of their table via their smartphone.

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Specialized in your category.

The best technological tool to manage your business activities.

With eeve Delivery you will handle all the orders in an easy and automatic way by building a detailed database of your loyal customers. An indispensable tool ideal for your category which also helps you comply with the safety measures against Covid-19.