Eeve Interaction Free Trial Monthly

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Eeve Interaction Free Trial Monthly

$69.00 / month with a 15-day free trial

  • Specialized in your sector
  • Answers 24/24 hours
  • Multilingual
  • Installable on facebook and on your website
  • Provides information to your customers
  • Captures new leads
  • Manages reservations
  • Handles payments
  • Hybrid chat
  • Escalation to live-chat operator

If you want to activate the additional tools please activate the standard subscription.

Through powerful Conversational Flows, designed to maximize contacts and to manage reservations, Eeve Interaction is able to actively converse with users, asking them the right questions to help you achieve your goal.

Eeve Interaction includes: database creation, creation of Conversational Flows, Training concepts (related to your industry sector).

Available on FacebookMessenger, Facebook Messenger Web Plugin and Web Chat.